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Re: E-DRUG: Herbalife

  • From: "Annalisa Campomori" <acamp@mail.biocfarm.unibo.it>
  • Date: Wed, 30 Apr 1997 17:10:29 +0000

E-DRUG: Herbalife (2)

Dr. Eva Ombaka,

I send you some information concerning herbalife product from

Micromedex Inc.Database. As you can see the references
have not been updated, so it means that not much (relevant) changes
have occurred.

Best regards

Annalisa Campomori
Dept of Pharmacology
University of Bologna, Italy


Herbalife(R) products are promoted as dietary supplements and for

weight control by Herbalife International from California. Herbalife
products include HERBALIFE SLIM AND TRIM FORMULAS 1, 2, 3, and 4(R),
and SCHIZANDRA PLUS(R). In October, 1983 the FDA discovered that
Herbalife Slim and Trim Formula 2(R) was adulterated with MANDRAKE and
POKEROOT. Additionally, there have been many reports of adverse
reactions (nausea, diarrhea, constipation, headaches, stomach cramps)
submitted to the FDA by consumers who have used the Herbalife
products. All symptoms disappear when the Herbalife products are
discontinued, and the company admits that 25% of product users may
experience ADVERSE EFFECTS when taking these products. In July, 1982
the FDA mailed Herbalife International a notice of adverse findings
citing various violations of the Food, Drug and Cosmetic Act. These
violations included "adulteration, misbranding by unproven therapeutic
claims in the product labeling and promotional literature, and
misrepresentation and misleading information on product labels" (FDA,
1984c). Corrective actions have been requested by FDA and Herbalife
International is under investigation. The firm has removed all
pokeroot and mandrake from the Slim and Trim Formula 2(R). THe FDA
suggests that consumers beginning a diet should consult with their
physician and plan for proper nutrition and well-balanced meals that
provide fewer calories per day. Supplements should never be
substituted as the sole source of nutrition (FDA, 1984c). CONCLUSION:
Some herbal mail order products can pose potential danger to the
public. Possible adulteration, misbranding, and false or misleading
claims are common problems with these products. Consumers should be
warned that any product not approved by the FDA should only be used
with caution and with approval of a physician if medical problems
exist. REFERENCES: 1. FDA Press Release: Sup-Herb. July 27, 1984a
2. FDA Press Release: Robertson-Taylor Co. July 30, 1984b 3. FDA
Press Release: Herbalife. August 21, 1984c

According to a local HERBALIFE distributor there are 4 products in the

basic diet plan. The labels indicate these products contain: FORMULA
Vegetable, soy protein No saturated fats
Casein, whey All 22 amino acids
B6 50 mg
Herbs/Minerals to decrease appetite:
Kelp Burdock root
Cider vinegar Parsley
Chick weed Yeast
Licorice root Lecithin 100 mg
Saffron Senna leaves
Hawthorne berry Black walnut
Fennel seed Dandelion
FORMULA III in a base of alfalfa, kelp,
potassium, dessicated liver,
wheat germ, yeast, watercress,
rose hips, parsley, pectin, dulse.
Vit A 200% RDA Ca 750 mg
Vit D 100% RDA P-aminobenzoic acid 24 mg
B1 24 mg Betaine 50 mg
B2 24 mg Inositol 50 mg
B6 100 mg Folic acid 200 ug
B12 ? Pantothenic acid 20 mg
Vit C 150 mg Phosphorus 450 mg
Vit E 10IU Fe 10 mg
I 225 mcg Cu 1 mg
Mn 3 mg Zn 4 mg
Linseed oil: unsaturated fatty acids 1513 mg,
Linolenic 48%, Oleic 21%, Linoleic 16%
Clients may also be on other products according to their specific diet
plan. One product is NRG which contains guarana, a natural substance
containing caffeine (Reynolds, 1982). If there are questions about the
products Dr Richard Marconi in the California office (213-410-9538)
should be able to answer them. REFERENCES: 1. Reynolds JEF (ed):
Martindale. The Extra Pharmacopoeia, 28th ed, The Pharmaceutical
Press, London. 1982; 340.


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